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Why Trello is one of the best Public Relations tools for collaboration.

Public Relations professionals can benefit greatly from using Trello. This being that the tool itself is great for keeping track of all projects from major marketing events to a daily reminder of what needs to be done for your client or group effort. The way it works is board-like checklists that you can drag and drop and organize to your liking. The major benefit is that it has an application so you can edit on the go and you can also work on your desktop if need be. The application interface is a bit more minimal than the desktop version. The application version isn’t as easy to view boards. You have to zoom out most of the time to see anything.
You can also invite others to either collaborate on a list or board you are working on or you can keep it view only so your clients know what you’re working on or what needs to be done next. The user interface is very clean and looks great when working on it. You can set reminders, view everything in a calendar and even integrate. Google Drive and Evernote. The best part is you can follow multiple boards and keep track of work and personal projects with family, friends, clients, and coworkers. Trello had three tiers of plans. A free plan that is amazing. Usually, when you have a free version it limits you to a certain amount of features but on Trello, it includes unlimited cards, unlimited storage, and more. For $10 a month you get more features added on such as calendar view, workspace table view, custom backgrounds and stickers, and more! The enterprise tier contains security features and support as well as multi-board guests. In Public Relations I can see someone using it as a calendar for what projects are needed to be done. I can see someone using it as a tool to keep clients updated on all upcoming social media posts as well as what could be needed from the client or business in order to complete a project. Overall, Public Relations is a field that requires a lot of collaboration and communication. Trello helps bridge that gap for all users. Below is the comparison of the mobile application and desktop version view. For more information, you can visit Trello’s website here.



Covid-19 and The IT Industry!

Covid-19 has struck down many industries and has made getting materials and parts to keep businesses running very difficult. The IT low voltage cabling industry has seen the effects of Covid-19 in different ways. Including employees working from home and part shortage. Join us as I host a webinar showcasing all the facts and ways that the IT industry has adapted and helped in the aid of the ever-changing work world due to Covid-19. Including helping businesses expand their IT infrastructure and run smoothly as more demand has come in for many industries including restaurants and medical. This webinar will run from 3 PM – 5 PM on October 15th, 2021. Please join us by following the link to our flyer for more information here.

This webinar will cover how the It industry is evolving and adapting to the Covid-19 pandemic. I will cover parts that go over the workforce, technology, and businesses' plans of action to better the new normal. Many of the findings I came across were found here